The SCORE for Health Data Technical Package was developed by WHO and partners to assist Member States in strengthening country data systems and capacity to monitor progress towards the health-related SDGs, Triple Billion targets, and other national and subnational health priorities.

It provides a comprehensive framework which enables national policymakers and planners to:

  1. Focus investments on priority interventions (“best buys”) – proven to be effective, feasible, affordable, scalable, and sustainable;
  2. Access recommended actions, good practices, tools and standards;
  3. Identify critical gaps and needs and allow for continuous monitoring, based on a set of simple, standardized, verifiable core indicators.
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SCORE Publications

SCORE for health data technical package: global report on health data systems and capacity, 2020

Data and information that help governments prioritize health challenges and allocate necessary resources rely on strong country health information systems....

SCORE for Health Data Technical Package. Essential Interventions

The new SCORE for Health Data Technical Package forms the cornerstone of WHO’s efforts to strengthen health information systems worldwide, and countries’...


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WHO programs and SCORE Partnership

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