WHO global health days

WHO global health days

Mark these days for health in your calendar

Global public health days offer great potential to raise awareness and understanding about health issues and mobilize support for action, from the local community to the international stage. There are many world days observed throughout the year related to specific health issues or conditions – from Alzheimer's to zoonoses.

However, WHO focuses particular attention on the 10 days and 2 weeks that WHO Member States have mandated as "official" global public health days. These are:

Join in for better health

Whether you are taking the kids to be vaccinated, talking to students on the devastating health effects of tobacco, organizing a mobile blood collection in your community, or contributing to the online conversation through social media, you can play a part in these worldwide efforts to create a healthier world.

Leading up to each day, this is where you will find background information, graphics, multi-media links, facts and figures that help highlight the issues and focus global attention on today’s major public health challenges.

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WHO Member States and officially certified partners supporting the campaigns can adapt these materials with their logos and disseminate to their networks. Some of the campaigns create unique logos that can be used by individuals who wish to promote the public health messages to their communities. Find out the terms of use of WHO campaign materials and logos here. For more questions, please write to [email protected]