A healthy return

A healthy return

Investment case for a sustainably financed WHO

A healthy return: investment case for a sustainably financed WHO
The world needs a strengthened, empowered and sustainably financed WHO, at the centre of the global health architecture. To ensure that our structures,...

Executive summary

The disruptive shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened global awareness of the value of health and the need for investment in it. Investment in the World Health Organization is catalytic by nature, meaning that funds invested in WHO are used to support Member States in taking action on health issues. This is done through the three key functions of WHO – leadership, development of technical products and country support.

According to a new analysis contained here, the quantifiable return on investment in WHO is very substantial. The cost of WHO in net present value terms over the coming 10-year period, 2022–2031, is US$ 33 billion and the public value created as a result of this investment, in the most conservative estimation possible, is likely to be between US$ 1.155 trillion and US$ 1.46 trillion. The resulting return on investment is at least US$ 35 for every US$ 1 invested in WHO.

There has never been a more critical moment to invest in WHO, and strengthen the unique role it plays in global health. Now is the time to sustainably finance WHO and invest in a healthy return for all.