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One Life, One Liver

You’ve only got one life, and you’ve only got one liver. Hepatitis can devastate both.

Your liver silently performs over 500 vital functions every single day to keep you alive.

But viral hepatitis infection is also silent, with symptoms only appearing once the disease is advanced. Although there are many different types of hepatitis viruses (A to E), hepatitis B and C are the most concerning and cause nearly 8000 new infections every day, which are mostly going undetected.

The result? Over one million hepatitis-related deaths every single year – and one new chronic infection every ten seconds. And that’s why liver health is fundamental to human health.

So many hepatitis deaths could be prevented. Because there are vaccines and effective treatments for hepatitis B and even a cure for hepatitis C - you CAN protect yourself and your loved ones.

Speak to your local healthcare provider to find out how to protect yourself from hepatitis.